10 Best Vacation Destinations for Female Travelers

Women love to travel far and wide. Most places are safe for women to travel alone and some places you might feel better if you travel in a group. We have made a list of 10 top cities that are considered the best and safest for women who love to travel alone or in a group.

1.Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo ranks the highest in safety index for travelers overall including women. If you plan to travel to Tokyo, get ready to visit an ancient culture that will have you wanting to stay much longer. Take some time out to visit temples and palaces while enjoying your visit.

2.Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is as safe as Tokyo and as clean, if not cleaner. You might wonder if Singapore is a city or country and it’s both! Singapore is an island that’s so welcoming to female travelers that it tops our list of top safe countries to visit.

3.Washington D.C, USA

The heart of the USA is a city every female should have on their list of places to visit, even it just for the monuments and museums. D.C. is a super friendly and safe place for female travelers for all walks of life. Visiting Lincoln Memorial should on your list of to-dos!

4.Zurich, Switzerland

What’s there not to like about Zurich except maybe that it’s one of the most expensive cities on earth? But besides that, Zurich is very safe and friendly to all sort of visitors especially female travelers. Take a boat ride down Lake Zurich if you do visit.

5.Brussels, Belgium

We love Brussels and we think it’s safe for most people to visit including ladies who love to travel alone. Spend time in cafes, visit some museums, take out time to stroll the streets and enjoy the nightlife in Brussels.

6.Santiago, Chile

Heading down to South America and wondering what country or city to visit? Santiago in Chile is one of the safest and friendliest countries you could ever visit. Spend time in this amazing city and you’ll never want to leave. And visit one of the many amazing parks!

7.Milan, Italy

This is a favorite for most female travelers for very good reasons too! Milan is chic, friendly, has lot of good food, cheap and safe places to stay, and is well-located. Most women find the streets of Milan warm and welcoming. Don’t forget to visit museums and cathedrals!

8.Sal, Cape Verde

Sal is the capital city of Cape Verde, an African Island nation. Most visitors to Sal find it a mix between Europe and African. Most female travelers enjoy visiting and spending time in Sal as well as other cities in Cape Verde. Engaging in water sports here is a must!

9.Taipei, Taiwan

No one goes to Taiwan without visiting Taipei! This capital city of Taiwan is super friendly to women travelers. If you chose to go to Taipei, visit the many food markets on the street while sneaking in a few days at palaces and museums.

10.Stockholm, Sweden

This is by far one of our favorite cities in the world. It’s so friendly and easy to navigate that most female travelers rate it as their number one city. If you do go, visit the ICEBAR for a quick drink and stop by the ABBA museum for a trip down memory lane.

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