10 Ways to Keep Romance Alive When You’re So Busy

A lot of people find it easy to fall in love and set up home with a partner but then things sometimes begin to crumble. This is not because they want it to, but because sometimes we get so busy with living life that we forget to keep loving our partner as we should. And of course sometimes, we are just so busy with life that we skip the little things that we used to do that made us fall in love with the person, or made the person fall in love with us. When this happens consistently, things start falling apart and no one wins. So, how can you keep romance alive when you’re busy with the daily stressors of life? Here are ten things we think you should do if you want the one you love to stay with you.

1.Tell them you love them

Affirmations of love is often underrated. Sometimes we assume the person knows we love them and don’t need to be reminded or told but the truth is that people sometimes forget how much their partner loves them especially if things have been bad so reminding your partner that you love them is a great way to keep romance alive.

2.Have Set Dates Nights

Yes, it sounds choreographed and boring but the truth is that it’s better to have a set date than leave it to “whenever”. So, if you need to have a date night penciled in stone and can adhere to it, then at least you have something you’re working it. But don’t get complaisant about the date. Make it special every time no matter how infrequent it is. Your date will notice when you’re trying.

3.Plan Surprise Dates

It’s great to have routine date night or date weekend or date months, or however often you go on date but plan to have a few surprise dates for your partner to make them feel special. Really think about the date and where they’d like and make sure you make the date about them and not you. When you shower them with a surprise date, you can keep the love alive.

4.Show Up

Simply show up for you partner. If they have an important event that your feel your presence will be appreciated, show up and show up good. Be there for them whenever they need you and to the best of your ability. Once your partner knows that you’re always there for them, the romance will always be alive and kindled even during difficult periods.

5.Make Them Priority

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have your own life. Not at all. We’re saying to have your own life but also make your partner a priority. For most of us, that is already the case but we sometimes forget to tell or even better, show our partner that they are our priority. So, make sure your partner knows that you care about them and all that concerns them.

6.Listen to Them

Yes, opposites attract and if you’re a quiet one, you might be with someone who can’t stop talking or vice versa. We know how hard it might be if you’re more of a talker than a listener but, you need to slow down sometimes and really listen and understand your partner. When you can do this efficiently, your romance will be alive and will flourish.

7.Stand Up for Them

Never let anyone put your partner down. Always standing up and protecting your partner in their presence or absence, establishes that bond of trust and the knowledge that you are both there for each other and no one can come between you. This creates confidence in your relationship and keep the romance burning hot.

8.Take Trip Together and Alone

We don’t care if all you can do is a one-night trip to the hotel next town over, that’s perfectly fine and very romantic. Make out time to take your special someone out of town and away from the worries of the world, and away from the kids if you have any. Spending time alone with your loved one is a great way to keep the romance booming.

9.Never Take Them for Granted

Once you’ve hung out with someone for a long time, it becomes easier to take them for granted mostly because the special things they do for you now seem routine. Remember that as a full-grown adult, no one is obligated to go out of their way to make you feel better. So, appreciate all your loved one does for you so the romance between both of you thrives.

10.Spoil Them Rotten

We are not saying to buy things you can’t afford for your partner but we’re saying to pick up an affordable gift here and there. If you’re in tune with your loved one, you should know what they like. Coming home once in awhile with things they love would only show that you pay attention to what they like and really care about them. This can boost your romance.

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