15 makeup tips that every woman must know

Everyone is looking for ways to enhance their looks and get a gorgeous appearance. Makeup is the thing which has the ability to change your entire look and make you even more beautiful with ease. Makeup is one of the most important things which every female wants to do to get a perfect look. Every female is battling to enhance her look. At the end of the day wearing the best makeup is something which they want to do, and this is for self-satisfaction, not to please anyone else.

Best makeup tips which everyone must know

Are you looking for the good makeup tips which can give you cool makeup looks? The following trends can be the best for you to adopt.

1.Use mascara for rescue

Are you one whose liquid liner has dried or you are travelling and forgot to bring your liner with you? Do not worry you can save your day. Get some of your mascara out and put that on a hard surface. Dab the edge of a fine brush and apply a thin line along the lashes. This method is surely safe for your eyes.

2.Avoid the use of powder

Use of powder is a common thing when it comes to everyday makeup. It may be because a lot of us were started to wear makeup from teenage and our skins were oily. But with the growing age, the natural oils from the skin may become to decrease, and use of powder can give you a rough look. So, it is better not to use powder when you are over 40.

3.How to enhance your lips’ look?

Lip contouring is the best thing being used these days to get thick lips to look with ease. With the growing age, the lips can become thinner naturally. For this purpose, you need to have two shades of lipstick, a liner and a regular concealer. Get a darker and a lighter shade of same colors.  Start with lining the edges of your lips, be sure you are not going outside the lips but go slightly over the rough part of your lips. Draw the lines inward direction and start to fill the outer half with the darker shade and then apply the lighter tone in the middle of your lips. Use a blender to blend these shades. Clean the edges with concealer.

4.Understand your skin tone

Getting a perfect shade of foundation is highly necessary to get a perfect makeup look. For this purpose, you have to understand your skin tone. For the old age females getting yellow toned foundations can be perfect to use it is because this can give them an even younger look. Golden tones are real age-defying. While yellow tones can work perfectly against greyish tones which can occur with age and can help you to get a younger look.

5.Use lip balms for multiple purposes

Fill your brows to get a perfect look, but when you have some unruly hairs, and you can’t think for buying any new makeup product, then there is no need to be worried about this matter if you have a colorless lip balm.  Use a clean brush or your fingertip and dab a little bit of the lip balm on your eyebrows until you are going to get a perfect look. Another benefit which you can get with the use of lip balm on your eyebrows is they will grow with full lush because of the presence of vitamin e in the lip balms.

5.Direct overhead lights, your enemies

When you have spent enough time on applying makeup, and you are ready to go out, then it is time to look yourself under the lights of your bathroom. It is because you may look perfect in your house, but the look can turn into a horrified one later. So, before leaving your house, it can be perfect to test your looks under the direct lights especially if you are going to attend an event where you will be photographed. Once you have done with your makeup look, have a look in the bathroom mirror and then go outside the room and check your look with a handheld mirror under the natural light. Once you are assured that you are looking perfect then just go your way without any fear.

6.Get help from a bobby pin to apply the eyelash glow perfectly

When it comes to apply eyelash, then you must want to know the best way to apply them perfectly. The very first thing that you have to focus on is in getting the right eyelashes for you. It will be better not to go for too larger ones. It is because getting the right one can help you to get perfect finishing. Whatever your makeup style is applying eyelashes is a must ask a question from most of the females in how to apply eye makeup to get a perfect look. Well, to apply an eyelash perfectly you must understand the fact that excess use of glue is never going to help your eyelash to stay for a long period of time it is because the results will be opposite. The perfect solution is that apply the eyelash glue with the round capped side of the bobby pin. Apply a thin line of glow along the edges and use tweezers to place the lash carefully.

7.Do not forget to apply body odor

Wearing just body spray can make all bets off. It is because body sprays can never last for the whole day. Almost every one of us is aware of the fact that perfumes should be applied to the pulse points, but not everyone knows the right ones. It’s not just your wrist where you apply them but behind the ears, under the knees and inside your elbows are some points to apply perfume. And you must apply on your navel back too. And apply some on your hairs too by spraying it own your comb or hairbrush.

8.Use a toothbrush for another purpose

Braids can be the perfect hairstyle to adopt no matter what kind of makeup and dress you are wearing. These are much easier to put up and can give you a stylish and young look with ease. But with the growing age hair thinning can give you a pathetic look. Brush your hair normally and make braids on both sides. After securing them with the pins take a toothbrush and start brushing each link against the grains to get a loose look. This can help you to give you hairs a volumized look, and you will be able to get a perfect hair look for sure.

9.Use silicone beauty blenders

The time of old hard blender has gone. Base blending is one of the most necessary steps to applying makeup perfectly. Silicone beauty blenders are the recent trend being used to blend perfectly. These are softer blenders and never soak makeup products. Even the story of the came into existence is quite interesting. Before the invention of these blenders, some clever makeup fonder found that the use of bra inserts can blend makeup perfectly and gave a smooth and even look.

10.Contour with kitchen tools

Well, the best contouring tool which you can ever have is a spoon. This can be the best tool which can help you to get a pro look. Other than the fact that it is gorgeous and a spoon can provide you with even more perfect and natural results. Hold the spoon in angle downward and position the head of the spoon so that it can cover apple of your cheeks. Consider the spoon as a shield and apply the contour. Use what is on the brush and keep blending until you get a natural look.

11.Get serious about SPF

We all have heard a lot about the use of sunscreen, but with the growing age, you must have to be serious about the sunscreen for skin protection. You might think about not to use because of wrinkles but keep in mind that taking care from sunlight can help you to avoid skin damage. You must look at the sunscreen which can protect more than your cheese. Eye cream with SPF can help you to lighten the dark circles, and lip balms contain SPF can help you to reduce the lip lines.

12.Remover can help to stay

Nails are another thing you have to look at and prepare for your day. Most of us do not focus on the nails, but the fact is you have to prepare your nails too. Well, the good news is that your nail paint remover can help your nail paints to stay longer on your nails. It is because nail paint has the ability to remove the natural oils which our nails have and which are a barrier for the long stay of our nail paints. Applying nail paint remover before the base coat can remove those natural oils and can help the nail paint to stay longer.

13.How to apply eyeshadow on your scalp?

As everyone knows the fact that with growing older we have to face a lot of beauty issues. And one of the most major can be the hair shedding. To get a temporary solution for this problem you do not have to look beyond your makeup case. Well, you can apply your eyeshadows on the patchy area of your scalp to get a filled in look. For this purpose, you just have to use a fluffy shadow brush by which you can gently dab the shadow on the areas which are framing the face to seem spare. Ensure the cleaning of any fallout and before applying the eyeshadow make your hairline even and fine. But for the ones who have blonder hairs this tip is never going to be useful for them unfortunately but with the brown or black this can be perfect to go with.

14.Avoid overuse of makeup

You might be using liquid liners or using a bolder brown which are the things that are not needed anymore. It is because it is time to change things entirely. Eye makeup looks have been evolved entirely. Therefore, you have to change your makeup routine too to get a good makeup look with ease. It is always better to go with the flow if you want to get a trendier look. Wearing these old-fashioned makeups can never give you a trendier look at the present time. Well, if you are noticing that you are looking tired lately then it can be a better option to apply lighter liners and consider this as your best choice. And this tip is best especially for the females who are near or above 40 to get a nice look for all day along and who are struggling to apply a proper liner for their changing landscape of the eyes.

Gel or cream liners with a fine-tipped brush can be the best thing for you to have. A medium shade brown eyeliner can never be unforgiving as a jet-black eyeliner. And this has the ability to give you a perfect, younger and a fresher look with ease. This can be a good formula too for the natural makeup look. This softer formula has the ability to open your eyes and give them perfect easy makeup looks with ease. Well, for eyebrows it is always better to go for a lighter shade, but if you are blonde or silver, then you can prefer to wear the shade pretty darker than your hairs but not much more than that.

With makeup, you can reveal the glory just like your old days. If you are unaware of the steps to apply makeup, then this guide can help you to understand how to get a perfect look with ease. You just have to follow these smart makeup tips to get a perfect look just because we have come up with a bunch of amazing techniques which everyone can adapt with ease. Most of the females are looking for the makeup for blue dress or the ways how to put on eyeshadows to get cool makeup looks, well the following guide can clear all your doubts.


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