4 Things Best Girl Friends Do For Each Other

So, you have a best friend. She might have been your friend since college or high school or lower school or preschool or even since birth. Whatever the case, we all have friends who we like to call our best friends through life. But is it enough to just claim “Best friends” status without working for it? What do you have to make sure you’re one of the best friends in town? You can’t just be a best friend by definition but you have to make sure you do what makes you worth of being someone best friend. So, what do great BFFs do for each other? Here are four things you should have been doing if you really want to be a great best friend to your girlfriend.

1.Listen to her

So, you hear her all the time but do you listen to her? It’s easy to hear people speaking or attempt to listen but hearing and listening are two different skill and it takes practice so achieve them. Hearing someone is exactly as it sounds – you are hearing what they are saying but that about it. You could probably repeat what they’ve just said after their done but that doesn’t mean you’re truly listening. Listening means to not only hear but also to listen and understand, and even act upon what you’ve heard. If your girlfriend is telling you how hard her day was, listen to her and try to make her feel better by just asking the right questions. Once you get into the habit of listening to that girl who has been your BFF all your life, you’ll have a closer relationship that can weather all storms.


2.Keep Her Secrets

No one likes telling secret but sometimes we have to so they don’t weigh us down. If someone ever tells you a secret, know that it is confidence and you cannot let anyone else know the secret. So, if your BFF has told you a secret, we bet that it’s supposed to be kept one so don’t go telling anyone else that secret. If she wants the secret to be common knowledge, then she would have told the world. She told you the secret knowing that you can keep her words within your heart, or at least trusting that you will do so. Telling someone else her secret is betraying her trust and that goes a long way to messing up an otherwise good relationship. So, we say, to be a great BFF, keep secrets that you’re told to yourself and don’t even tell them to significant others. You know once a secret is out, one way or the other, it will be more outed and will spread. So, do you part to keeping your BFF secrets, a secret.

3.Get Her Back

Especially when she’s not there. You have to think about, and protect your BFF’s interest round-the-clock especially when she’s not there. You might not agree with what she says but at least don’t leave her hanging or looking like she’s all by herself when stuff happens and she needs you to take care of her. Sure you can give her your version of the story when you’re alone, but at least in public, the girlfriend’s code says to take care of your BFF just like you expect her to take care of you, unless she’s so out of line that agreeing with her is so much against your morals. But even in these cases, if you can hold off from shaming her till you’re no longer in public, she’ll love you the more and you will have a great relationship for life. We’re not saying not to call her out when she’s off line, we are just saying to do it diplomatically so she’s not a victim.


4.Be Her Shoulder to Cry On

Every girl needs a strong shoulder to cry on and yours have to be it for her. Everyone goes through troubling times or periods in life where things are just rough. Keep an eye out for your BFF and make sure you are there to catch when she falls for whatever reason. People always do better after a failure if they know someone is solidly behind them. So whether she just lost someone she loved, got jilted, failed an exam, lost her fave pair or earrings, failed an exam, got passed up for a promotion, or is just simply feeling overwhelmed by life, just be her shoulder to cry on as well as shoulder to lean and you would have made a friend for life.

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