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8 Amazing Benefits of Fiber in Our Diet

When we think of fiber, we generally think of some part of a food item that helps us fill fuller faster, aids digestion, and helps keep our bowels regular. Fiber like broccoli, avocado, lentil, lima beans, pear, whole grain, chia seeds, split peas, banana, nuts, oranges, barley and so many more food items do these and more. So, what else does fiber do for us? Why should you have fiber in your diet? Why should you eat a meal that is well-balanced with fiber? Here are 8 reasons why you should always have fiber as part of your diet.

1.Protect Against Heart Disease

Fiber has been shown to protect against heart disease as they reduce cholesterol level which when high, can trigger several heart problems. Eating fiber protects the heart and reduces the chances of having heart problems like heart attacks and other heart issues. Adding different sort of fibers and from different food sources to your diet also helps your body manage cholesterol better.

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