How to apply MakeUp Like a Pro

Important to know: you now have entered the secret beauty files, a restricted area where the lips are loose and classified information circulates freely.

With these tips, tricks and beauty secrets, more useful tutorials, we contacted the best makeup artists in our little black book. After passing the wheat of the chaff – or rather the act of creating – immediately – we present you the cream of the cream below, organized into cheeks, face, eyes, lips and eyebrows.


Let’s start: “Add your favourite blush to your shots before you feel worse.” A bright, warm apple rose is perfect for any complexion. ” -James Vincent, artistic director and artistic director of Ardency Inn

“Apply two shades of blush for perfect youth.” The rose, or whatever belongs to the red family, should be placed on the apple of the cheek, it will be the effect of blood rising to the surface. Fishing, coral or anything that belongs to the oranges family should be applied to the top of the cheekbones; this gives the effect of rising heat. Finish by dosing a bronzing powder on the skin, there is the sun hit on the face (cheekbone, bridge of the nose and chin). “- James Vincent, Artistic Director and Artistic Director at Ardency Inn

“When you need your blush stays in place for hours, layer a gel formula under a powder or bronzer.” -Petra Strand, Pixi creator of Petra

“Halloween is the perfect time to fill up on unexpected essentials, fake blood is the perfect shade for blush, add it to the apple of the skin. James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and Artistic Director of Ardency Inn

“Cherry Jell-O creates the perfect shade of brilliant blush.Mix powder in your favourite moisturizer or balm for a healthy glow.” -James Vincent, artistic director and artistic director of Ardency Inn


“Mixing a foundation with a moisturizer is an easy way to lighten your coverage options if you already have a more comprehensive coverage base.” -Caitlin Wooters, makeup artist

“To get a thicker colour background, mix with a touch of undiluted powder, be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the cake will be cooked.” – Cecilia Muench, Creative Director of Inglot

“Starbucks towels and disposable toilet seat covers are just as convenient as blotting papers.” -Kerry Cole, style director of Becca Cosmetics

“My thing is, before I finish my look, I always add a light layer of red on my crease and around my temples to tidy up everything.” -Sasha Simler, trainer and makeup artist for Shu Uemura North America

“For a luminous skin effect, combine your skin base with a pearly white or black eyeshadow. incomparable brilliance. “-Nicolas Degennes, creative director of Givenchy Beauty

“If you’re extremely happy and you do not need to appreciate the face, apply it a little later.” -Niki Metz, Artistic Director of Play

“My mother, the cosmetics co-founder, she said [my wife] and me” “She always lent to be restored, I remember growing up in a reading, instantly resembling a metamorphosis.” -Annie Ford Danielson, Enjoying the Global Autonomy of Beauty

“Your products for the complexion, concealer, etc.) -Maggie Ford Danielson, The World of Beauty, Beauty

“As a little girl, I respect my eyes on her face (around her eyes) about an hour or two before going out for a special event.” She guarded, separated, whipped her until he was Sparkling, and apply the egg white all over the face and leave it for 20 minutes, after which she would wash water and makeup immediately. Tighten the skin and rides to give you a temporary facelift. “- Niki Metz, artistic director of Play

“This is winter is a yellow spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and whisk them together. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. This treatment is the most moisturizing. can do for your skin, and it will leave your face with the most beautiful glow you have ever seen! “-Niki Metz, artistic director of Play


“Use the hand of make-up to make up to make-up backpacking on back-make-back, this allows to stick the mascara stick against the base support and to pass through the keys in a clean way and specify. “-Kara Yoshimoto Bua, Chanel celebrity makeup artist

“To reduce puffiness, an eye lotion in the cooler and apply them on the eyelids before eye makeup.” -Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra

“To prolong the life of your mascara, make a few drops of saline in the tube and turn the brush around.This would invigorate and give the formula.” -Kerry Cole, the style director of Becca Cosmetics

“Apply mascara before the liquid liner to create a guide for the perfect cat-eye film.” -Sarah Lucero, world director of education and arts at Stila

“Make-up of what I prefer,” he says, “first with a light fixture in the inner corner, then to put it down with a brush under the eye, which illuminates the face.” -Deanna Melluso, celebrity makeup artist
“Cool use, cool use, hot use”. Cool use cold, hot use hot. centre for a lip that looks full and fantastic. -James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and Artistic Director of Ardency Inn

“Dab a colour concealer on the lips to make it neutral and make the lip colour brighter.” -Petra Strand, Pixi creator of Petra

“Test the red on the tip of your finger, rather than on the back of your hand.The pad your finger very closely resembles the colour of your lips, so you can easily get better towards the lips.” -Kerry Cole, the style director of Becca Cosmetics

“Use a seat to draw the lips of Cupid’s bow, which reduces the risk of feather formation and makes the lips look fuller.” -Petra Strand, Pixi creator of Petra

“Lower your lower lip and look at the inner colour, choose a shade of lipstick lighter or a little darker, but in the same tone as the inside of your lip, oh, and do not do it in public.” -Maggie Ford Danielson, Enjoying Worldwide Beauty Authority

“Apply concealer on the outer currencies of your lips to put them back together.” -Niki Metz, artistic director of Play


“# 2 pencils are perfect for drawing in natural hair. finished. “- James Vincent, Artistic Director and Artistic Director of Ardency Inn

“Golden powder pigment is a great way to lengthen eyelashes or eyebrows.” “Brush brush, brush or clean mascara and put a bronze or yellow pigment on an eyelash or massage to get an effect that adds of dimension without appearing too long. “-James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and Artistic Director of Ardency Inn

“Apply a nourishing balm to your eyebrows before going to bed. This guarantees extra strength and growth – thicker eyebrows in two weeks.” -Terry of Gunzburg, founder of By Terry

“Apply apprentice all along the eyebrows so that the colour of your eyebrows does not move.” -Niki Metz, artistic director of Play

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