How to Be More Productive As A Boss Lady

So, you are a boss lady which means people answer to you and you make all those hard decision on how to keep your company, or the company you manage flowing. You most likely wake up every day wondering how to fulfil all the work obligations you have and even when you do, you wonder if your best is good enough. You probably constantly think of how you can make your work better and you keep wondering how you can make things easier for yourself. We have five solution of how you can be more productive as a boss.

1.Pat Yourself on The Back

Yes, we said it! The first thing you should do is to pat yourself on the back for even being a boss lady. No one said being in charge was going to be easy but you’ve taken that role and whether you’re in control or winging it and faking it till you make it – it simply doesn’t matter. You stood up for yourself and took charge of your situation and that’s all that matters. So, if you’re a boss lady and people look up to you to fix things and make the world go around, you’re already way ahead of a lot of things and need to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come. And then go back to work and get more done. Taking it out time to make yourself feel better is not narcissist but self-preservation. So, do it!


2.Get a Virtual Assistant.

After you pat yourself in the back for all the good work you’ve done, you should get some help as no one will think you’re amazing for doing it all yourself if things could have been done better with extra help. So, don’t try to take it all upon yourself without any help! Try to get a VA to help you along the way especially with completing mundane work so you can channel your energy and efforts into other parts of the business that only you can do. And with all things, do your homework to make sure you hire someone that has the same vision as you or can at least understand your business values and principles. Once you get the right person, everything will fall into place.


3.Be a Decent Human Being

No one likes bosses as it stands and one really likes bossy bosses. We do agree that you have to have a “boss face” or “boss look” sometimes to get it done but we also think that boss face or look can be tempered with humility and professionalism towards those that work for you. We are not saying to be best friends with your workers, but we are saying to be professional courteous, kind, and respectful towards them. If anything, it’ll buy you their loyalty and appreciation and you’ll get more efficient work completed by them.


4.Be a Leader and a Follower

And you wonder how you can be both. It’s quite simple. You need to know when the right thing to do is to lead and, in those times,, you step up and lead. And you also need to know when you should let someone else in your team and in those times you should comfortably step down and lead them lead while you follow. This could be during the times when their expertise is more than yours in a particular topic. Being a follower doesn’t make you weak, instead it makes you strong and admirable. It also helps you win over your workers as they know that you value and respect their opinions.


5.Show Appreciation

Not just on the National Assistant Day where office assistants are recognized and rewarded, but every day. When your worker goes above and beyond, please recognize that and reward them for that. The rewards you offer doesn’t have to be monetary or cost you money and could just be as simple as a shout out in the company newsletter or email, or just at your meetings, or just a sign that appreciates them. You might have seen parking spaces reserved for “employees of the month” in some offices. They basically save the nearest and convenient parking space for that said employee and this is great in cities where parking is hard or just limited. There are so many ways to encourage or appreciate your staff but ultimately, know that staff appreciation can lead to increased productivity from your staff.

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