Redefining Health – You will be surprised!

What we can not define, we can not find; because our definition determines our destination. One of the greatest debacles of humanity is allegiance to history as a standard for the present and the future.

Humanity is so indebted to old thoughts that to think something new seems to be infidelity to the legends of the past. History must not be a status quo or imperative norm for the present and the future, but an inspiration for the correction of the present and the reorientation of the future for a better destiny for humanity.

With regard to achieving health for all in the twenty-first century, humanity must move beyond old ideas and methods to present new methods, approaches, ideologies and strategies to protect the health of humanity. “The important problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thought that we have created.”

First overview

In the past, health was defined as a body and a spirit that worked well, without disease or pain. If this claim has been unable to provide humanity with insight into the need to ensure the health of humanity, then it is appropriate for humanity to reflect on the status quo. Humanity can solve 21st-century health problems only through the courage to explore the unknown. With regard to the health plan of the 21st century, health is defined as an integrated state of the body, the soul and the human spirit functioning in an irreproachable way. Thus, health is not necessarily the absence of pain or physical symptoms of diseases. Some people have no symptoms of pain, sickness, or affection, but they are close to their grave. There are also people who die without any physical symptoms of pain or illness. They seemed to be fine, but they died suddenly because they were not in good health.

Health is much more than the absence of pain or disease, but a state of being integrated into the body, the soul and the human spirit functioning in an irreproachable way. Health is an integrated effect with a cause; which implies that health is not a coincidence or an accidental event, but the effect resulting from the relative functioning of the human body, soul and spirit in perfect quality. Let me say that health is not a challenge that we can solve through our superficial efforts. That is why, despite all the efforts made by humans to improve health, health remains a serious problem. To ensure health for all in the twenty-first century, humanity must stop joking. We must realize that we are facing a challenge that, if not resolved, billions of humans could be eliminated by the end of the century. For health to be achieved in the 21st century, humanity must take a more holistic approach and integrated taking into account the human being as a whole; body, soul and spirit. I hope we are civilized enough to know that the human being is not an animal but a complex being with three related dimensions (body, soul and spirit). Any health plan centred on only one dimension of being human will lead to failure. A human being must improve his body, soul and spirit to enjoy health.

Overview on the human being:

The human being is the most complex species of all existence. So far, little has been discovered about humans. What exists as information about the human being is only a “skeleton”. The human being is a world still unexploited. Ignorance about the totality and truism of the human being is the greatest challenge to human evolution and progress. The complete understanding of the truism of the human being will be the end of human misery and frustration. The human being is essentially a supernatural being, possessing a soul and living inside a body. This affirmation is a universal truth agreed upon by all Universalists and also confirmed in the universal laboratory manual or divine constitution. The spirit of man is the “real estate” of man, the soul serving as an intermediary between the mind of man and the body. The human mind possesses the science of life, which defines man as having supremacy over all external factors.

When this consciousness is transferred to the human body and soul, human immunity and disease resistance are strengthened. The fact that the human body is the only visible dimension of the human being does not define it as the only constituent of man. To limit the human being to his physical body may be the most tragic mistake. Humans are not animals. The most tragic academic mistake is to classify humans and animals in the same group. This mistake academic is due to the limited perspective on the human being. This perspective considers the human body as the only constituent of man. This academic error has produced a low mentality and consciousness among humans. Today, humans live and behave like animals because of this mistake. Humans even suffer the same fate as animals. The day has finally come to eradicate this human ignorance.

Health versus cure

One of the mistakes humanity has made for many centuries is to substitute health for healing. This mistake has been so long that humanity has unknowingly resorted to healing programs on behalf of health programs.
To heal oneself is the gradual recovery of a sick or sick human being is different from health, which is an absolute state of health (body, soul and spirit). Replacing health with healing makes humanity more responsive than proactive. When we focus on health, we become more proactive and preventative than reactive.

Focusing on healing means allowing the human being to be attacked first by the disease before seeking recovery. While health implies a proactive investment to make people sane, as an integrated effort to fight diseases. Healing is healing and pain relief, but health is a state of being. We can be cured today and sick tomorrow but health implies, an individual is a healthy body, soul and spirit. Friend, healing in health is relatively inexpensive and sometimes easy to find, but health is a breakthrough that requires a lot of concentration and concentration on the conditions of his body, soul and spirit.

In the 21st Century

With regard to the 21st-century health plan, the disease is considered a state of being affected, caused by a disability of the state of health. his body, his soul and his spirit. This implies that an individual is in poor health, sick and sick as long as there is a deficiency in his body, soul and state of mind. This explains why people sometimes die without any kind of external illness or pain. The problem is that we think that a sick person must be under some kind of pain. There are people who are looking relatively well, but terribly sick. This is because not all diseases are physical. Bodily diseases can be easily diagnosed, but diseases of the soul and spirit cannot be diagnosed by any medical means. Thus, for a person to be said to be in good health, he must maintain a relative state of physical, physical and psychological strength. An equal and relative functioning of the human body, soul and spirit in perfect harmony and perfect health is the eternal access to health.

Most centers Today’s health centers are just healing centers and have not yet achieved the status of a health center. A healing center is a medical, psychiatric or religious center where the sick and the sick are cared for or cared for. Whereas a health center is an integrated science center, where a deep and prolific vision of the human being (body, soul and spirit) is communicated and communicated; to give human beings, in their bodies, souls and minds, the means to conquer diseases forever. Such a center must be a research center that is progressively seeking information and divine information that is at once academic, scientific and revealing, essential to the human supremacy of diseases. Healing requires medication, but health requires a lot more than drugs. The biggest investment in achieving health is information.

I do not speak here of ordinary knowledge; I am talking about advanced academic, scientific and divine knowledge containing the truth that reveals the truism of the human being (body, soul and spirit) with all their needs and relative requirements. Thus, when you find a real health centre, you will see a place where the total science of the human being is unveiled, with teachers and doctors who are inter-complete, possessing a rare glimpse of the total science of the human being. human existence and functionality. Currently, these centres are non-existent. This is the biggest challenge of the 21st century.

The healing centres we know

The world is endowed with healing centres that treat and administer the sick without any investment in their health education. This has led to the current situation of human beings being constantly victimized and perpetually dependent. about drugs and other healing mediums without ever going to health. You can ask what my proposal is: my proposal is that each centre Healing combines its efforts to relieve those who are sick and sick by educating people about the health sciences. This is the only way for us to defeat diseases in the 21st century. Healing – Health% 3D is a victim human being, a man who is constantly addicted to drugs, instead of the truism of health.

It seems to me that humanity loses confidence in the search for total health. We have been intimidated by many health problems to the point where we are studying how to function in case of abnormalities. The general slogan in most places today is how to live with AIDS, malaria or any other disease. Such a cowardly approach and attitude can not be rewarded with insights into the human triumph over disease and disease. While looking for better ways to relieve the sick and the sick, we should not fail to engage in ongoing research to: discover the truth that will forever empower humans to triumph over diseases and diseases. This is the challenge of the 21st century.


It was believed that no one could ever reach the summit of Mount Everest; thousands have tried and failed; and their failure has strengthened the conviction of the world. When the world was sleeping in pessimism, a man named Edmond Hilary forced him to change his mind. reaching the summit of Mount Everest. It was also believed that a metal object could not fly. The Wright brothers also forced the world to change their minds by inventing the plane. The world currently believes that total health is impossible for humans. I believe we are this generation to change this statement. Let’s gather enough courage and faith. We can do it. Health is a state of being integrated, the body, the soul and the human spirit working perfectly.


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