The Makeup Secrets – Artists Swear by

Want to know the best-kept secrets of the industry? To find out, we asked veteran makeup artists who have been in the business for more than 10 years. Read what they said below.

Each school offers different types of classes, ranging from special effects courses that teach you to create realistic zombies and vampires, to fashion-oriented programs that will show you daring techniques seen on catwalks and in magazines. But for my needs, makeup 101 courses would suffice.

After spending my mornings learning colour theory and holding (correctly) a make-up brush, I can say that I am now completely confident in my makeup skills. Want to see the best techniques I’ve chosen without spending thousands of dollars (and crazy time) it takes to go to the makeup school yourself? Keep reading.

You could say that I have a love affair with makeup. Some days, I like to play with all the colours and to get excited when my smoky eye is revealed to perfection.


10 makeup secrets swear by

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Tips and tricks for makeup a powdered face with a facial spray and a sponge.
Oops! You accidentally put too much powder on your face and took it, so what can you do to fix it? Beauty experts suggest lightly spraying your face with a face mist, like this one. Check out 10 makeup secrets against swearing at our site, After spraying, use a make-up sponge and dab gently on the skin to remove any excess powder. Phew, the crisis avoided!

  1. Spend a few dollars for Your tools

Spend a few dollars on your tools At Napoleon Perdis’ Makeup Academy in Hollywood, Rebecca Prior, a national educator at NP, begins the first lesson by introducing us to our tools. “For me, tools and products are just as important as the makeup skills you have,” she says. For example, suppose you use poor brushes, poor products, and average skills. Simply by improving the quality of your brushes and using richer pigmented products, the application would be immediately better, even without improving your technique. So, if you really want to apply your makeup like a pro, says Felicia Alva, the educator in Los Angeles, “Do what professionals do: use the appropriate brushes for the application.”

Here are the eight basic brushes you need:

  1. Foundation brush
    2. correction brush
    3. Soft Bristle Brush
    4. brush blush
    5. Small mixing brush
    6. eyeshadow brush
    7. Precision angle brush
    8. lip brush

Once you have your tools, you must know how to hold them. Offset A long-time educator, Lijha Stewart, said: “When you hold a brush on the handle, your control is affected, the closer your fingers are to the body (the silver section under the brush head), the more you apply strong pressure on the brush and vice versa. “In general, if you want to apply a uniform color, place your fingers in the centre of the brush handle. Another tip: you can easily turn a fluffy brush into a flat angled brush by wrapping your hand around the hair and flattening it.
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  1. Mix the Primer

Mix the primer with your foundation. I’m sitting in the Beauty 101 classroom of Make-up Designory and I’m anticipating with today’s lesson. I barely pay attention as lead instructor Gil Romero reviews the three types of foundations: liquid, powder and cream. Yawning. Wake me up when I’m going to learn something new.

It seems that Romero had read my mind because it immediately struck me with this advice: “You can wear your foundation cream such for opaque and full coverage, or you can break it down to make it more translucent by mixing it with a primer “. said. What? Is not the primer supposed to continue before the foundation? But Romero says it’s a surefire way to keep the foundation blank without seeming to do anything. Plus, you get the lasting durability of cream foundation versus liquids and powders. Prior says that it also helps the makeup to blend perfectly into the first coat of primer on your skin.

I raise my hand at this point and ask if the cream foundation is OK for oily skin. It’s a selfish question because I’m fighting with a fat T zone in the middle of the day. Yvonne Hawker (who also wrote the school’s textbook), director of make-up, says everyone can use the cream foundation, but those with oily skin should use a wet sponge for the skin. apply. Most foundations have oil in their formula to give the cover blending ability. Use the sponge “pick up the pigment, but not the oil in the foundation”. You will still have excellent coverage, but not brilliance.

  1. Love your Flaws

Love your flaws – hide them. This is the third day at the makeup school and there is a colour wheel on the whiteboard. “The key to being a makeup artist is being able to identify the niceties of someone and knowing how to manipulate the color wheel to get rid of unwanted colours,” says instructor Gina Sandler.

And when Sandler says “unwanted colour,” I log in right away because I want to learn how to hide my bites, the lingering redness around my nose, and the bluish hues under my eyes. She says the opposite colors cancel out, so the green-pigmented corrector covers the redness and the orange corrector removes the blue. “If you use your beige concealer, it will only make these areas muddier,” says Prior.

Once Sandler showed us how to get rid of bites, redness around the nose and dark circles under the eyes of one of the students, she told us then separated and made us practice on the faces without makeup of the other. Immediately, all my insecurities begin to bubble. My bags, my zits, my dark spots … is someone seriously going to be inches away from them? Then one of the students says, “Oh, I’m so ugly.” Sandler answers, “No, you are so cute, you are all!” It’s a make-up school, but it’s like having a group therapy session. Sandler says that practising one over the other is essential because you will quickly learn how to handle all types of skin tones and facial features, with which you will have to familiarize yourself if you want to be professional.

  1. Nude Lips For Dark Skin

Different ways of using brown eyeliner and eye shadow powder stick together and last longer. I bet you did not know, huh? We have not … until now!

  1. Make your eyes pop by changing their shape

Bring out your eyes by changing their shape. Just as I learned to use highlights and shadows to draw the outline of my face, I discovered that I could also use the same information to change the shape of my eyes. Whether you have droopy eyelids, narrow eyes or just too small, you can use your knowledge of light and shadows to change them.

If you want to add a definition: sweep a light bronzing powder through the crease of the eye, located midway between the eyelash line and the eyebrow. “As you get older, the eye area loses elasticity and things are not as fluid as before,” says Prior. “This technique is ideal for mature skin, to give the face more definition.” A tip for your blue-eyed girls: an orange-tanning powder in your crease will make your eyes look even bluer.

If you have narrow eyes: To lengthen the width of your eyes, apply a black liner on the outer half of your upper and lower lashes, connecting to the outer corner.

If you have heavy, droopy eyelids: use what you have just learned about highlights and shadows to lift your eyes. Apply a highlighter over your fold, from the inner lid to the outer lid. Then mix shade with the area you wish to repel, which would be the heavy fold. Make sure to blend the edges of the shadow with the highlight.

If you have small eyes: Apply a beige eyeliner to the lower inner edge, which will help make the eyes more open. Then, use a black pencil along your upper and lower lash lines, connecting the lines to the outside corner. The key is to mix the liner with a shadow, going outward. Wherever you put the darkness, that’s where your eye will go. Thus, by smudging the lines, it gives the allusion that your eyes occupy more real estate on your face.

And the tip I love most for a natural definition: apply a black pencil on the top edge of your rim. “It lengthens the eye and accentuates the appearance of the eye, which gives more fullness to the natural lash line without seeing the hard edge of a liner,” says Prior.

  1. easy lines

How to create a straight line with the eye-liners of your eye until you meet the existing liner. follow the special course for it.

  1. Lashes without lumps

How to prevent eyelashes and again: curl your eyelashes and apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes. But what you may not know is that there is another way to get brighter, wider eyes with false eyelashes. Get individual scams and apply them to the centre of the line of your upper lashes. This will instantly brighten your eyes.

You want to know another way to make bigger and brighter eyes? Look at this!

  1. Stop applying eyeliner the wrong way

Stop applying the eyeliner in the wrong direction
Finally, we are on the technique that brought me to the makeup school in the first place. Eyeliner has always been risky for me and now I know why.

I did it all wrong.

In Chapter 7 of the Makeup Design Handbook, I learned that you are not supposed to trace your tracer from end to end in a single gesture. “You will have bumps in your line with your brush catching on loose skin,” said Prior. Instead, you’re supposed to go from the inside corner to the center of your lid, then reload the brush (if you use one) and start from the outside corner until you meet the existing liner.

And what about my winged tips? Before gave me a clever advice to make sure that a wing is always in the right place. “Napoleon Perdis always starts with an eyeliner on the lower lash line, as he climbs into the outer corner, giving you the angle you must follow on your upper lash line, “says Prior.” Usually when you make your first liner first you end up in the no-man’s-land because you do not know how far to take the line or how it should be curved. ”

  1. First aid corrector

The many uses of concealer Tutorials. Follow useful tutorials that won’t let you back. Reach your goals and success.

10 Darker Lip Pencil use.

Use a darker lip pencil and a lighter lipstick for a fuller pout.
Unfortunately, we are not all lucky to have Angelina Jolie’s full and kissable lips. But thanks to makeup, we can make our lips look fuller! How? Makeup professionals say that to get that look, start with a pencil for lips that is darker than the colour of your lips. Line the pencil with the outer edges of the lips, then apply a nude lipstick lighter than the natural colour of your lips. Finish it with a little lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip and there you go: luscious lips!