Top 15 Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Keep a nice and youthful complexion while sporting out beautiful make-up looks can be a tad challenging for women who have crossed the age of 50 and their skin starts to sag. If you are on the hunt for the most up-to-date makeup tips on how to brighten up your eyes and enhance your features without damaging your skin, check this article with the best 15 professional tips for mature women over 50.

1.The Superstar Duo combo: Moisturizer and Hyaluronic Acid.

As you already know, a moisturizer is a vital step in caring for your skin in the best way possible. But beyond that, there are also some tips and tricks to enhance the results of your ordinary facial moisturizer. The first tip is to apply it right before using your foundation because keeping your skin properly moisturized is before applying a thick product like a foundation is necessary for fading the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your cream alone will definitely give your face a nice boost before applying your foundation, there is an extra step that you should try out for faultless make-up every time: before you apply your moisturizer, apply a hyaluronic acid product. This will make your skin glow and appear more fresh and ready to pull off any make-up look you’ll create later.

2.Use Baby Oil For Thicker Lashes

Once you have hit the age of 50, your lashes will start to thin up and lose their shape and volume. This is perfectly normal but since there are ways of stopping eyelash loss that will surely impress you with their effect. Our professional tip is to rinse your face with a good makeup remover first to make sure no bits of mascara are left and use baby oil to keep your eyelashes moisturized and supple. Just pour a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe your lashes with it (with your eyes closed). It is cleansing, gentle and totally hydrating.

3.Get Thicker Lips with Lip Gloss

One of the results of aging in our facial structure is the thinning out of lips. Before you decide to pump up your lips with injections, if you want your lips to appear more juicy and youthful, ditch lipsticks with a dry matte finish and choose glosses instead. The first step would be to line your lips with a liner and then apply a lipstick that is 1-2 tones darker than your natural lip hue. Then, find a good lip gloss brand and apply a layer on top for extra gloss and shine. Due to its light-reflective pigments, the lipgloss will instantly make your lips juicier without the sting of a needle.

4.Use Translucent Powder For More Eyelash Volume

As we mentioned earlier, aging, unfortunately, comes with sparse lashes–do not worry though as you can change this dreaded look with a few make-up tips. One of your top tried tips is to use your good old’ face powder. Yep, loose powder works wonders as thickening primer for your lashes before the application of mascara. Just use a mascara brush to apply the powder onto your lashes and then go ahead as usual and apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara. You may also use a clean make-up brush to remove any excess powder and there you go–thicker and boosted eyelashes and an instant pop of your eyes.

5.Immediate Eye Lift With No Pain

While going under the knife and doing a costly eye lift is definitely an option, it would be smarter first to try other more natural and less harsh and invasive methods first to lift your eyes. Our professional trick of the trade is to use a primer all the way reaching your eyebrows. Then, grab your favorite highlighter or a feathery cream eyeshadow and apply under the eyebrow area right beneath your eyebrows for an immediate eye lift that will just make the area stand out and appear more fresh and youthful.

6.Use Contouring For Enhanced and Prettier Features

If you thought that contouring is only for young college girls, reconsider: this is a moving trend with no signs of fading anytime soon and so it makes a great tool in helping you appear younger, more refined and modern. With just a blusher and a bronzer, you may highlight the areas of your face that you find best e.g your high cheekbones while cleverly reducing the appearance of features that you don’t like. A double chin, a thicker nose, and thin lips can all look better with the right combination of highlighting and contouring products for an impressive result that will take some years off your face.

7.Pick the right concealer

From your liquid base to the powder and from your blusher to your everyday concealer, picking the right products for your mature skin is important if you wish to achieve a fresh-looking face. The thing is, the skin right beneath our eyes becomes trickier to conceal as we age–fine lines, puffy eye bags, and dark circles all contribute to that. If you wish to enhance the results of your concealer, it’s best to swap the stick form concealers for creamier and smoother types. Cream and liquid concealers have a better blendability and they don’t look as cakey and unnatural as their stick counterparts. They also do not contain any wax, which can look very unflattering on mature facial skin.

8.Embrace The Natural Look

While in your younger “disco” years you may have played with bold fuchsia eyes, red lips and false eyelashes that made all your features pop, things may not look as bold and glam if you have crossed your 50s. In reality, your mature facial features will appear better if you go for the natural “nearly no-makeup” look. You should also keep the rule of enhancing one feature at a time e.g your lips or eyes and toning down the other ones. If you wish to add a radiant touch of color to your eyes, for example, choose a lip product in a nude beige or warm pink shade to make your make-up look more balanced and harmonious.

9.Rely On Yellow-Based Foundations

Yellow hues are linked with younger and fresher looking complexions and so it makes sense once you’ve reached your 50s, to go for a foundation with mild yellow undertones. You should keep in mind though that your base should fit the depth of the hue of your skin–but instead of choosing your closest match with pink or peachy tones, choose its more yellow counterpart. You may also finish off the look with warm hue eyeshadow, a bit of mascara and a rose creamy blusher for a more youthful and lively look that you’ll love to wear repeatedly.

10.Ditch Dark Lipsticks

As mentioned earlier, thinner lips will look thicker and juicer when they go with glosses or radiant lipsticks that offer a high degree of shine. The problem is that darker shade lipsticks tend to make thin lips appear even thinner and sharper and so it would be wise to ditch them for lighter and softer hues if you are 50+. The only exception to this rule is if you already have thick lips or your skin tone is dark–in this case, you may pull off dark and vampy shades up to your 80s.

11.Make Your Eyes Bigger with The Proper Lining Technique

One of the key features that you should put some emphasis on when doing your make-up is definitely your eyes. This is because using the right liner and eyeshadow can make you instantly appear younger than you are. On the contrary, the wrong eyeshadow and liner can make you appear older. It is therefore vital to pay attention to how you line your rim and just line the path between the rim and your lower lashes instead of the entire bottom rim. This will make your eyes pop instantly!

12.Perfect Your Eyebrows with The Right Eyebrow Pencil

By now, you are aware of how important it is to have a defined yet natural-looking set of eyebrows and perhaps your everyday make-up routine involves using a good amount of brow powder. But due to the fact that eyebrows, similar to eyelashes have a tendency to thin out after your 40s and 50s, it is suggested to forego your brow powder and go for a totally sharp eyebrow pencil instead. If you have any sparse spots or simply want to make your eyebrows appear more defined, simply begin to line hairs in an upward motion with a skinny brow pencil to resemble the look of real hairs.

13.Go For Eye Pencils In Favor of Liquid Liners

Mesmerizing cat eyes with the darkest eyeliners out there may be a favorite look back when you were in your 20s and 30s, but now you’ve crossed the age of 50, it won’t look as glam and sexy as you hoped. If you wish to define your eyes and make them pop the right way, quit using harsh eyeliners in liquid form and go for softer, eye kohls/pencils that you can smudge easily for a light smokey look that you can wear from morning till night time. Eye pencils are generally softer and flexible as you can smudge and shade them to your likes

14.Curl Your Lashes For An Eye-Opening Look

As we mentioned earlier, making your eyes stand out should be your main focus when you are doing your make-up in your 50s. Bigger and more lively eyes will make you appear younger and so you should use “all the tricks of the trade” for a mesmerizing and eye-catching look. A great way to achieve this is to curl your lashes. In order to make the most of your curler, a good tip would be to heat it up with a hairdryer for a few seconds before you use it. Make sure though it’s not too hot by doing an arm test first. If it’s fine, then you can go ahead and use it. Finally, finish off your look with 2 coats of mascara and you are all set.

15.Use Your Facial Powder Smartly

If you are going for a fresh, rested, and waken-up look, of course, the last thing you want is your makeup to look harsh, cakey or just too over the top. And one of the biggest reasons why you are no longer confident with your make-up routine is using too much powder.  Many make-up artists agree that powder is no longer a thing you should do, especially at this age as it makes wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced. If you want to appear more fresh and youthful, simply use a good powder only in oilier skin areas such as your T-zone and ditch powder on the outer corners of your face.

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