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Want To Lose Fat Fast? Do It The Gigi Hadid Way

It’s a harsh reality that most of us have worried about weight loss and becoming fitter and healthier at least one moment in our lives. Sadly, this is where we set ourselves up for failure. Looking at these skinny models in the media is a trigger that makes us jealous and wondering what is the secret behind their slim figures that we just can’t see?

As the old quote says, if you can beat something, simply join it, right?. Why not try out the fashion model way to successful weight loss? If yes, we have collected the top weight loss tips from Gigi Hadid, one of the most popular supermodels worldwide. Check these out and begin using them in your daily fitness and diet regime NOW!

1.Just HIIT IT

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, features workouts such as sprinting, biking, jumping rope and jumping jacks to name a few. A usual HIIT exercise session takes anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour and includes short sets of vivid workouts followed by a brief recovery break. The aim is to lose as many calories as necessary in a brief time period.

2.Do Some Weight Lifting

By doing HIIT exercises along with some weight lifting, you do not only enjoy more variety in your workout regime, you can also speed up calorie burning. Lifting weights at least 3X a week can keep your metabolic rates working properly, since weight loss and dieting can make your metabolism more sluggish and slower.

3.Break Your Workouts Into Shorter Parts

If you simply just don’t have enough time to do an entire part of your daily workout all at once,, simply split this into briefer sessions and repeat 2-3X throughout the day. These brief workout sessions can also make you feel more energized from morning till night time. For instance, a 15-minute lasting in the morning can help rise up your energy levels for the rest of your day and will stop you from falling asleep on your chair or office desk so you can enjoy a better night’s sleep.

4.Get Some Fishy Goodness

A fully inclusive weight loss diet should not disregard fish. Numerous studies have found that the omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish may help decrease inflammation responses, which is a key factor in leading to obesity and sluggish metabolism. You may try a different fish every day if you wish. For instance, if you have salmon for lunch, try having sardines or sea bass for dinner the next day. Tuna, sardines, trout and herring are all great Omega-3 fish sources to try. After all, we all need some variety in our lives.

5. Absence of Gas Equals To Flatter Tummy

Too much gas doesn’t only make you feel awkward, it can also make you look full and bloated. A quick and simple way to fix this is by taking an anti-gas pill. This type of OCT pill dissolves gas bubbles in your digestive path and decreases tummy bloating.

6. Do A Half-Hour Cardio Session

Similar to a HIIT exercise session, a cardio workout  session can get your heart racing and that can help you burn more calories. You may also prepare an exercise session strategically so that you work multiple muscle groups simultaneously.  If you wish to kickstart your cardio session successfully, start doing easier workouts first like jogging, running, walking, cycling or swimming.

7. Join the Avocado Frenzy

Don’t like the hyped avocado toast? No problems as there are literally hundreds of ways to eat and enjoy this green and yummy superfood. The good thing about Avocados is that they are low in carbs but high in digestive fiber and so this a powerful duo for successful weight loss. Adding a small avocado portion in at least one of your daily meals, can also keep you full and satisfied so you can resist binge eating later.

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