Which Exercise Routines Can Burn the Most Fat

If you’re someone who loves exercises and rely on it for weight loss, you might have already done pretty much every exercise regimen we can think of, but, we want to introduce 5 exercise routines or styles that burn the most fat so every precious minute you put into exercising pays off big time.

1.Rowing Machine

You’ve seen them at the gyms. You might even have one at home! They are those machines you sit on, strap on, and row your life away. These machines are good for building arm and leg muscles quickly. When you have better defined muscles, and by default, stronger muscles, your weight loss is jumpstarted as the fat in your body needs muscles to burn. If you have to choose just one exercise equipment at the gym, chose a rower as it burns fat but also builds muscles. It’s one machine that can do so much for you within a short internal of time.

2.Treadmill Running

Almost everyone has been or seen a treadmill in their lives. Some people might have one at home but everyone who has ever gone to the gym has seen one, even tried it. There are several fancy variations of the treadmill but all of them do the same thing – help you run in one place for a long time. This exercise routine is something that you can do at any time and doesn’t require any other accessories apart from a good pair of sneaker and perhaps a heart monitor.

3.Bike and Cycling

You might have ridden a cycle or bike, or even a spin class at the gym. All exercises are designed to strengthen the heart, improve oxygen flow through the body, strengthen the legs, calves, thighs and improve weight loss. There are different ways to bike or cycle including using gym equipment and at your bike or cycle home. If you’re really serious about biking, you can invest in a decent bike along with some bike shoe and seat pad and find a biking trail or gym classes next to you.

4.Roadside Running

Most people prefer roadside running to running on the treadmill as the later can sometimes seem a bit frustrating when you’re going nowhere. If the weather is nice, running outside can be better since you get to see the sights but also get fresh air. Roadside running also has the advantage of being something you can do with others in a group while treadmill is a one-man show. Roadside running has the same advantages as treadmill in that you burn fat as you expend energy.


The last exercise routine on our list is one of our favorites – swimming. We love swimming as it’s one exercise that doesn’t have a lot of impact on the joint like running and biking can. It’s practically safe for anyone that knows how to swim, can help with improving stamina and cardio and can also help with weight loss and weight maintenance. Swimming can burn a lot of fat especially if you swim in lap pools and swim consistently.

6.Jump Rope

Almost everyone has jump rope for aerobics. If you want to burn fat without spending so much money on equipment, this is the way to go. Start with creating a daily and consistent routine of rope-skipping to get you on your way to weight loss. If you’re new to skip rope, we recommend you start with three sets of 50 skips, then work your way up to 100 and even more. Do this in the morning before breakfast and possibly later in the evening and you’ll see great results.


It sounds simple but dance can burn a lot of calories without you doing much. Turn on YouTube or any of your favorite music channels. Create a dance list if you wish. Dancing, just like jump rope is pure aerobics that can help you start shedding fat really fast. It’s even more convenient than any of our other recommendations as you can do it anywhere and anytime. So, set the tune and find your rhythm and dance your life away – solo, with a partner, or a group class.

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